How to support continuous learning: 3 Top Tips

accessible learning continuous learning Jul 04, 2023
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The term 'continuous learning' is pretty self-explanatory,’s about learning continuously.

Well, yes. But that's only part of it. 

Continuous learning is an important part of L&D; it focuses regular learning opportunities that contribute to our development, and in the ongoing pursuit of new ideas and growth, it keeps us engaged in our jobs and organisations.

There are lots of ways to support continuous learning in your workplace, so let's talk about 3  practical how-to's.

  1. Make it easy. We recommend holding regular 'needs sessions'  to understand your learning content better. That way, you will have a better idea of which resources are available and where you need to supplement to fill the gaps.
  2. Make it visible. Just having learning content isn’t good enough. Make sure your learning content is always signposted so users will always know where to find it. For continuous learning to happen, your people need to know they have the resources to support them.
  3. Make it relevant. Reach people where they are. Not all learning happens in the classroom, so make sure your learning content is available through a variety of methods - social media, apps, chat forums, newsletters. 

There are so many ways in which we learn, so be creative! With technology, it's easier than ever to leverage collaborative tools to make learning more accessible, and therefore continuous, so think outside the box!



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