We Are Extraordinary began with a simple goal. We wanted to help people perform, teams to thrive and businesses to grow as a result.

Over the years, that goal became focussed on helping people to become inspirational leaders who build healthy teams and ultimately, businesses that are great places to work.

We want the people we work with to make a positive impact on everyone that they interact with, and that extends beyond the walls of the training room. We’re committed to be a socially responsible and sustainable business, caring for and protecting the local communities and environments that we work in. We’re committed to maintaining the highest standards of sustainability and corporate social responsibility for our employees, the community and the environment.

It is this collection of small changes that give the greatest results.

We Are Extraordinary are working on our actions plan through our Pillars of Sustainability.

First update: 2 December, 2021

Last update: 1 April, 2023