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We design courses to help people develop skills needed to bridge the gap between performing & getting extraordinary results

EXTRAordinary trainers

We are experienced, certified facilitators, trainers and coaches ensuring that all our courses are delivered by extraordinary people.


We provide resources so that you can continue your extraordinary learning journey after completing our programmes.

our EXTRAordinary courses

With our help, you can close skills gaps, increase productivity, drive engagement and unlock potential. Our solutions are designed to solve today’s problems. All our programmes teach you the skills and give you the tools to become extraordinary in whatever you do.


The Accidental Leader

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Leading Remotely

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Productivity Essentials

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Leading Change Effectively

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Challenging Unconscious Bias

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Train the Trainer 101

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virtual meeting

Virtual Meeting Essentials

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We’re The Extraordinary Training Company; an extraordinary team of people doing things that matter.

As a people development company, specialising in training and coaching for small businesses, we believe – without exception – that an organisation’s strength is its’ people.  So, we provide learning & development solutions that help small businesses to get the very best from their most precious resources.

We also know that our success only comes from your success. So, every day, we do that bit extra; extraordinary, that is.

We partner with clients and associates across the Central Belt of Scotland and beyond all so that you can be, do and get the extraordinary you need.

Be empowered… Be engaged… BE EXTRAORDINARY.

our EXTRAordinary clients

Today's worksession was super-useful. Lot of reminders, lots of new practices & tools - it really opened my eyes to the things I have to change if I want that 'sustained extraordinary performance'.
Ane-Maria Larsson
Product Manager
The Leadership Masterclass sessions were great with a lovely relaxed feeling. I have found since the sessions that the discussions and information shared are really making me think about the way I operate!
Elaine Wylie
Finance Coordinator
Extraordinary indeed! I know it's totally cliched, but I really wish there was an 11 out of 10 option. I learnt so much but more importantly, was given the tools to be able to USE what I'd learned.
Matt Blackwell
Operations Director
Just wanted to say that of all the training I have ever had, the last 2 days with you at [Moving on Up Leadership Masterclass] was the best yet. I am feeling empowered and working hard to stay out of the box!
Kim Bauchope
Digital Account Manager

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