Are you really getting value from your Learning & Development?

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More and more companies are recognising the need to offer talent development as a method of attracting and retaining staff.   However, if that training isn’t structured correctly, the learning journey is not impactful for team members and companies often end up wasting valuable resources in terms of both time and money.

Here are our 4 Quick Tips for making learning & development programmes work for you:


1. TIMING Make content relevant to the target staff and the skills they need right now.  For example: presentation skills may not be helpful whereas resilience and wellbeing probably is.   Considering the teams’ workload / shift pattern / peak work hours will ensure you get full engagement.

2. SEMANTICS Use language for programs which aligns with the skills development needs of the staff.  Ensure you pay attention to sense, reference and the implication and make it relevant to that individual or team.

3. TACTICS Using techniques which are easy to understand, remember and then apply in their work context will mean the skills are used regularly.

4. PRACTICE Involve managers in the learning programs so they can help coach staff members and remind them of the tactics and techniques available to them.  Keep them accountable on practicing these until new skills become automatic behaviour.

At We Are Extraordinary Training, we pride ourselves on developing learning journeys which support & help employees in their daily roles.

When past delegates from our programmes were asked, 91% said they regularly use the skills they learned, which in turn improved their confidence and performance at work.

Whether you are looking to supplement your learning & development strategy with Open Courses or would like to explore a partner with us to design Inhouse Solutions we would love to speak with you.  

Find out more HERE.

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