There are thousands of training companies across the world

Why choose The Extraordinary Training Company?

Whether you need help developing your leaders, becoming a great team, being more productive or even creating a great company culture, your learning journey with us always starts with what’s most important – you and your people.

We focus on what we know

We believe training needs a personal, flexible approach so we don't try to do everything - just what we know we're extraordinary at. We turn leadership development on its head, evolve and adapt our work to meet the changing work environment.

We develop capability

Whether you join us as an individual, part of a intact team we understand that training that doesn’t help you do more and go further isn’t worth doing, so we give people the skills they need to thrive and excel at what they do, with learning that sticks.

We get results through you

Our programmes are about helping teams and individuals work better together and enjoy being around each other. Whatever we deliver must work for your company and dovetail with your current models, strategy and culture.


Our flagship leadership programmes are now accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.  This confirms our programmes have been independently verified and meets the evidence-based standards of their 5 Dimensions of Leadership: Authenticity, Vision, Achievement, Ownership and Collaboration. As well as highlighting our commitment to professionalising the role of the manager/leader and investing in enhance leadership capability. 


Underpinning our three Guiding Principles is PARTNERSHIP. We strive to partner with everyone we work with.

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