Extraordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Our extraordinary team is comprised of top facilitators and coaches with a breadth of experience across different organisations and industries. We all bring different specialisms, but we are united in a single purpose: to help organisations who want retain and nurture talent by providing learning journeys that enable behavioural change and drive people performance.

Jane Rennie

CEO & Founder

Before founding The Extraordinary Training Company, Jane spent 25 years facilitating and coaching leaders around the world, helping them to improve individual and team performance and as a result, grow their businesses. Whilst delivering a variety of training programmes, she learnt two key things:

1. Everybody has the potential to be extraordinary.
2. The skills and behaviours you need to be an extraordinary leader are learnable.

So, she decided to build a company to help everybody live an extraordinary life.

Meet Our Extraordinary Team

We embrace diverse perspectives to develop an inclusive environment where everyone can achieve their full potential. Our hand-picked team has a wealth of experience and genuine interest in helping you and your business to be extraordinary.

Lisa Rogers

Head of Growth & Development

Livvy Forrester

Head of Business Operations

Zoë Cormack

Head of People & Culture

Liz Hope

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Katie Thomas

Head of Business Administration

Meet Our Extraordinary Trainers & Coaches

Every one of our trainers has been through an internal training programme. We don't just hire associates to deliver our training; it's all delivered by extraordinary people that we have trained to be the best in the business.

In addition to being an experienced leadership trainer, each one of our team has a specialism which we can draw upon to ensure the right fit for your needs, every time.

Georgina Coleman

Sales | Event Management

Sandra Ellington

TMSDI Team Profiling

Clare Samuels

Communication | Negotiation | Video

Jemma Western

Mental Heath | Resilience

Margaret Rose Reid

Motivational Maps | DiSC | Train the Trainer | Coaching

David Young

Sales Training | Business Development

Melanie Icke

DiSC | Crucial Conversations | Executive Coaching 

Alison Hughes

Insights Discovery | Personal Effectiveness | Coaching

Nina Prentice

DiSC | Customer Experience | Resilience |Coaching

Liam Moran

Management, Sales & Marketing

Kate Flory

Coaching | NLP | Curious Conversations

Colette Ashby


Catherine Bowie

Influencing | Emotional Intelligence

Linda Greenwood

Customer Service | Train the Trainer

Jane Shaw
Sally-Anne Smith

Engagement | Communication

Eva Lindner

Employee Engagement | French & German Speaker

Sarah-Jane Dale

Sales | Customer Service | Team Engagement

Pernille Baumann

Master Coach | MBTI