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Day 4 | 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Top 10 Chart : How to Hire a High-Performing Rock-Star, Not A Diva! (Part 2)

So how do you make sure you hire a rock-star and don’t end up with a diva?

Let’s continue our countdown…to the Number One spot!

We all want that elusive rock-star who can come in and hit the ground running. But finding the right person to fill the right position is a minefield at the best of times and recruiting within an SME often makes the process even more pressurised.  You just can’t afford to have – nor do you need – a diva on your team!

So as rock-stars don’t walk through your door every day, how do you attract the top talent that will fit in and be a proactive and productive asset to your team?

5. Start with their demo.

In other words, use a pre-interview assessment. There are so many robust psychometrics available; I’d recommend Innermetrix; it’s an online diagnostic that analyses the candidates competency and then compares how they would fit in with the current team. You usually start by liking one song, before buying the whole album, so why would you leave the success of your business to an unknown?

4. Singing from the same songbook.

Having an eye for passion (there’s a reason it features twice in our top-ten chart) is as important as an eye for talent when you’re looking to hire the best people for your growing business.  When all else is equal (experience, qualifications, references etc.), the dealbreaker is whether you believe someone will sing – in tune – to your company songsheet. Passion goes a long way; skill can be taught, passion can’t.  And if they can’t get excited about what the business is trying to accomplish at the interview stage, they are likely to fizzle out fast when challenges arise.

3. Make them hum a few bars first.

One way to weed out potential divas is to test their speed and skill for the job they’ll be doing. Create a mini-project specific to their role and put them to the test right away. Again, put them with the existing band and see how they behave. It clearly depends on the role, but ask them to sit in on a meeting and watch for their body language. How do they fit in? Do they get involved, do they help out, do they roll their sleeves up and dive straight in? Be clear on what you’re looking for and check these out during the day. Don’t expect perfect notes straightaway – after all, it takes a while to warm up.   What you’re looking for is how engaged and excited they are to take on a challenge. Every new member you add to your band of rock stars should be one you see taking the business on a sold-out tour.

2. Include the other band members.

If you already have other employees, involve them in the interviewing process. Send them out for a coffee; you can quickly see how they interact with people of all levels – the baristas in the coffee-shop, other customers… To be a rock-star, they not only have to have the values you want, they have to demonstrate them. The best rock stars make the people around them better. Even bass notes seem to resonate on a different frequency when the lead guitar plays a passionate riff. So while you have your potential leading player in your office, see how they harmonize with the rest of your team.

1. Let them know what it takes to go platinum.

Recruiting for someone new is a great excuse to check-in onhow well you’re living your company values and how clearly roles and responsibilities are defined. Are you motivating and rewarding your current rock-stars and aspiring talent in a way that keeps them performing at their best? Get really clear on your interview questions, those that break from the norm. Try crafting them around the core values you’re trying to hire for.  And turn(the)tables – see what I did there? – by asking them about their background. They might surprise you by throwing a different rhythm into the mix.

Over the course of my own career, I’ve been blessed to work with my fair share of rock stars – bosses and colleagues alike. But I’ve also worked with some reeeeeaaaalll divas – men and women.  Companies, regardless of size, don’t have time for a diva on their team, that much is clear.  It’s not easy to find them, but rest assured, the rock-stars are out there…you just need to find them and sign them first!

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Author: Jane Rennie

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