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Day 3 | 30 Day Blogging Challenge

Top 10 Chart : How to Hire a High-Performing Rock-Star, Not A Diva! (Part 1)

What should we be looking for in a new team member?

It’s a question I get asked a lot, particularly when I’m working with clients who are trying to build a small, but perfectly formed team.

Now, I should point out that I’m no HR/Recruitment expert, I’m just a L&D/OD/Leadership Consultant who knows what great looks like in a team.  So, whilst it’s easy for me to reel off the practical boxes to be checked – attitude, team fit, ability to perform the task – I think there’s a more important question to consider: What does it take to become your most valued employee? To be the one that makes all the difference?

I often hear references to needing an ‘A-lister’, the one who will ‘change the game’.  And rightly so; small businesses can’t afford not to have rock-stars who will help their business to grow.

Day 3 | 30-Day Blogging Challenge

So what does a rock-star employee look like?

It makes sense that SME’s need rock-stars who can turn their hands to lots of things, be willing to go above and beyond, be self-motivated and driven…all the attributes that the owner/s themselves are likely to possess.

But what else do they need?

Here’s my first 5 in this Top Ten:

10. To have the ability to get things done.

Specifically, people who get things done, consistently, efficiently and effectively. Employees who help reach the finish line and do so in a manner consistent with the organization’s values. It’s not about the hours worked, the late nights, the weekends, but rather moving the needle on the scoreboard.

9. To be curious. 

Having the capacity and willingness to bring something unique to the table. In my experience, rock-stars aren’t just strong minded, they’re intensely curious and persistent problem solvers and solution generators.

8. To have passion.

Not just a bit, but a whole basketful. And when an employee brings genuine passion to his or her job, it can have a multiplying, transformative and dynamic effect on the rest of the team.

7. To be low drama.

We’re all human and have both good and bad days. But having a sense of self-awareness, one that keeps those potentially destructive behaviours in check, is a HUGE check in the box. In the same way that passion is a multiplier, diva’s and drama-queens are dividers. And it adds up fast! In the The Reality-Based Rule of the Workplace, the author suggests a value formula: “Your Value = Current Performance + Future Potential – 3x Emotional Expensiveness.” Yes, you read correctly: your emotional expensiveness is subtracted at “3x”!

6. To be resilient. 

Changes happen. Surprises, on the other hand, particularly those that can easily be avoided, snarl up operations. Rock-stars see around corners; they are looking at least two or three turns ahead. They keep the wheels turning. They think a day, a week, a month ahead, making plans for likely and possible contingencies and put those around them in a position to drive.

Join us again tomorrow for Part 2 (Day 4 | 30-Day Blogging Challenge)!

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