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Round-up of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge (Week 3)

I say again, “What a week it’s been!”  In between an aborted skiing holiday, lock-down in the French Alps and very luxurious tranportation home, it’s all been a bit surreal.

Amidst it all, I’ve managed to keep up the daily blog posts (you might notice there’s an extra post this week – I clearly got carried away!) so here’s a round-up of the best blog posts from The Extraordinary Training Company this week…

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Day 15 | Top 10 Most Important Leadership Lessons (Part 1)

What’s the single most important thing you wish you had known as a new leader?

These top answers may seem simple but they can be hard to put into practice, so we’ve added some HOT TIPS to help. You can read Part 1 here.

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Day 16 | Top 10 Most Important Leadership Lessons (Part 2)

Continuing our list of the most important things you wish you had known as a new leader.

These top answers may seem simple but they can be hard to put into practice, so we’ve added some HOT TIPS to help. You can read Part 2 here.


Day 17 | Dare To Be Extraordinary

How many of you woke up this morning and thought to yourself, today I’m going to be extraordinary?

The chances are not too many of you.

We think about ourselves as ordinary people leading ordinary lives and yet the reality is that we all have the opportunity to be extraordinary everyday, in whatever way we choose. Find our more about living an extraordinary life here…

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Day 19 | 8 Ways To Be A Better Learner

Today, there is a plethora of learning opportunities out there from e-books to executive coaching, from podcasts to productivity workshops, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a headstart?

A few simple things we can all do everyday to become better learners…

Day 20 | 3 Tips For Successful Self-Directed Learning

Self-directed learning has been around for a long time, but in light of the current Covid-19 pandemic, it’s fast becoming the ‘go-to’ option to keep employees engaged and motivated whilst working remotely.

Here are 3 tips to bear in mind for successful self-directed learning…

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Day 21| Coaching Through The Four Stages of Learning

When we meet people where they are, we bring the kind of coaching that fits their role and experience.

This ‘how to guide’ will empower you to do just that by helping you to identify where they are in their learning journey and how you can best support them. Find out more here…

We are a people development company so we are always open to new ways of doing things and what we can do differently.

For many, learning is challenging.  But it also offers lots of opportunities to reflect, do things differently and grow as a result.

We would love to hear what your own challenges are  and how we might be able to support you.  We’ve always offered free strategy sessions, and will continue to do so, making more time available for you to book in for a virtual coffee.  You can do so here, or by getting in touch with our Head of Client Partnerships.

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