We're The Extraordinary Training Company!

Lots of training companies say they are different, but how many really are?

We’re The Extraordinary Training Company and we live in a farmhouse in a field in Perthshire; an extraordinary team of people doing things that matter.

As a people development company, specialising in training and coaching for small businesses, we believe – without exception – that an organisation’s strength is its’ people.  So, we provide learning & development solutions that help small businesses to get the very best from their most precious resources.

We also know that our success only comes from your success. So, every day, we do that bit extra; extraordinary, that is.

We partner with clients and associates across the Central Belt of Scotland and beyond all so that you can be, do and get the extraordinary you need.

Be empowered. Be engaged. BE EXTRAORDINARY.

How we work

People and business are inseparable.

The only way to turn training into results is to involve your people.

That’s why we always start by finding out what’s going on in your business and with your people, because no matter what your size, all business face common challenges.  It’s just that each one has a different vision of what they want to achieve and how they want to do it.

So we don’t even begin to offer you training solutions until we understand more about you.

Then, we co-create extraordinary learning and development programmes to give people the skills they need to thrive and excel at what they do, through real engagement and with learning that sticks.

Why us?

There are hundreds of training companies across Scotland. Why choose The Extraordinary Training Company?

We focus on what we know. We believe training needs a personal, flexible approach so we don’t try to do everything — just what we know we’re extraordinary at.

We enable personal growth. Whether you join us as an individual, part of a intact team we understand that training that doesn’t help you do more and go further isn’t worth doing.

We get results. Our programmes are not simply about learning new skills. They’re about helping teams and individuals work better together and enjoy being around each other. They’re about building  team and organisational cultures that produce extraordinary results.

Whether you need help developing your leaders, becoming a great team, being more productive or even creating a great company culture, your learning journey with us always starts with what’s most important – you and your people.

What we focus on

Our purpose is to help people to perform, teams to thrive and businesses to grow.  We do that by focussing on six extraordinary outcome areas:


We help you to address the leadership capability gap.

Great Teams

We help you move from a group of people to an extraordinary, high-performing team.


We help you to avoid distractions and accomplish the goals that matter most.

Creating Culture

We help you to define it, live it, measure it and reward it.

Leading Change

We help you to be more adaptable so change initiatives don’t fail.

Emotional Intelligence

We help you become the very best version of yourself


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