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Melanie Icke

Mel’s particular areas of specialism are Leadership development, individual and group, building modular leadership development programmes, Coaching and Communication skills, she is particularly interested in helping people have Difficult Conversations at work. 

Mel worked in retail management and then field sales management before heading across to the L&D sector, and so her training always has one eye closely on the commercial needs of the business.

She firmly believes that all L&D activity should be impactful and support an organisation achieving its strategic goals. 

Mel is a certified DiSC facilitator and uses the full range of profiles to really help people understand how others see them and how to work effectively with people who may have different motivators and behaviours. Her own profile is a fairly extreme Di which means she is action orientated and fast paced but loves fun.

Melanie's extraordinary purpose... 

" to help individuals and organisations identify what they need to do to move performance to the next level, and create an awesome business. She then designs the training and development interventions to help get them there."

Working with Melanie

“While working with Mel in L&D as part of the executive team in Phorest she always brought a unique perspective to the table that others simply didn’t have..."  

"...she understands people, organisations and culture deeply so her input and ideas on strategy and running the business were always extremely valuable. Most notable for me was the introduction of DiSC profiling which she introduced to Phorest, it helped our departments and teams align themselves, understand each other and work effectively together - this is something she is so passionate about and excellent at."

- John Doran | CTO | Phorest Software    

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