Head of Business Operations





Livvy Forrester

Head of Business Operations

With 10 years of administrative experience, Livvy is the 'glue' that holds the team together.

She manages the online learning platform and is our GiraffePad 'guru'.

In her new role as Head of Business Operations, Livvy successfully coordinated a completely virtual 10-week development programmes to 2,000 people a week. The first - and largest - mobilisation of online learning of it's kind in Scotland, ever. Quite the initiation!

Livvy's success comes from a genuine desire to work collaboratively to find creative solutions, striving to get extraordinary results.

Livvy is dedicated, hard-working, creative and innovative, and is able to turn her hand to pretty much anything, from managing the day-to-day office to designing participant materials and maintaining our online learning solutions.

When she manages to pull herself away from her computer, Livvy can be found enjoying a walk up a hill or in a forest somewhere with her two mad spaniels!


Livvy's Extraordinary Purpose...

" to underpromise and overdeliver, enabling clients to focus on what matters most – growing their businesses.”

Working with Livvy

"Livvy is such an asset to our business."

Turning her hand to pretty much anything that's been thrown at her - from managing the day-to-day office tasks to learning to edit videos for our online learning solutions. She is diligent, dedicated, hard-working, creative and innovative. Recently promoted to Head of Operations & Development, our clients are reaping all the benefits, too. Thank you, Liv, for leaning in every day and making our business truly extraordinary.  

- Jane Rennie | CEO | The Extraordinary Training Company

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