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Lisa Rogers

Director of Growth & Development


Professional coach with over 20 years of experience in industry as a Business Leader and later as a Learning & Development Manager.

Lisa is a talented consultant, facilitator, and accredited certified coach with over 20 years’ experience in global industries as a Business Leader and Learning and Development professional.  

She is passionate about unlocking the potential in others, supporting them to be at their best, and working on what is important for them to succeed.   Her expertise shines through when designing and delivering transformational learning journeys that challenge individuals and teams to develop long lasting behavioural change.  

Having lived in Hong Kong, Thailand, and the UK, she loves to travel and has a long list of countries she wants to visit.  At the weekends, she really enjoys exploring new places with her husband, two children and her over enthusiastic Labrador Max.


Lisa's Extraordinary Purpose...

" to create learning experiences that are interactive & impactful.  Experiences that not only develop skills but also influence a change in behaviour and mindset.

Working with Lisa

"She has a rare combination of hard and soft skills."

Lisa's skill set makes her exceptional for business and project success. Her leadership and managerial skills endeared her to many that had contact with her. She is people oriented and focuses on overall business objectives

- Tomas Lorente | Director | Lafarge

"Lisa has the ability to draw out thoughts & challenge personal assumptions."

Lisa introduces techniques to help her clients reach a position of clarity. She has been instrumental in assisting me as I have reviewed my career and personal path. These coaching sessions have been invaluable and I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is at a cross road or have hit a stumbling block and need to find the way forward.

- Pernille Baumann | Director of Training | Scandinavia

"Lisa kept us focused using great  group discussions, interesting videos and super insightful breakout rooms exercises."

- Carla Pereira| Crowne Plaza Royal Terrace 

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