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Kate Flory

An experienced, talented coach and leadership trainer since 2002.  Helping executives step into their Inner Leader, training managers to have Curious Conversations at work and supporting organisations to create a culture of leaders at all levels by learning the Being & Doing of Leadership.

Kapow Coaching. As a trainer Kate brings her enthusiasm, empathy and creativity to deliver a wide range of courses for all levels of participants as an associate as well as via Kapow Coaching. She uniquely creates a learning environment of trust and rapport, expertly delivering training that blends knowledge, personal insight with fun and warmth.
As a Certified Professional Coach for nearly two decades, Kate combines a variety of positive psychology coaching tools, NLP processes, Mental Fitness practices along with business models to help develop leadership confidence, self-awareness, communication skills and a commitment to change via one-to-one coaching and Action Learning.

Kate's extraordinary purpose... 

" to create the space for individuals, teams and organisations to reconnect to their inner purpose, passions and to not only thrive, but to shine."

Working with Kate

“It’s a very informative yet interactive programme that gets you thinking about things you’ve never thought of."  

 The amount of knowledge gained and tools to take away are beneficial.

- Emily D. | Manager 

“Wonderful, amazing soul searching, the best activity I have undertaken in some time."  

Kate is so intuitive and has such a quality when supporting clients to problem solve and explore their own thoughts.  I loved every minute of it!

- Kaye F.  | Strategic Lead & Chair

"I enjoyed my sessions with Kate, I feel she took time to really listen and engage with what I was saying, whilst coming up with practical strategies on how to challenge my thinking. 

A real positive use of my time and worthwhile in my professional and personal development. 

- Douglas O.  | Manager

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