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Iva Freeman


Iva worked in various management roles within luxury Hotels & Casino resorts in South Africa and Botswana before transitioning into a Training and Development role in 2004.

Since 2009, she has worked as an independent consultant across various industries including Hospitality, Banking and Real-Estate in South Africa, Botswana, the UK, Germany, and Croatia.

In 2020 she founded her own company Vertex Human Capital where she specialises in blended, bite-size learning programmes for managers and leaders within the hospitality industry. Specifically, she focuses on those who are new to their role, providing them with essential management and leadership skills to move from exceptional employees to exceptional future-ready managers and leaders.

Following her own experience of living and working in some of the most diverse countries in the world, Iva thoroughly enjoys helping people to understand and to leverage generational and intercultural diversities at work.

Iva strongly believes that everything starts with us as individuals, so focuses on self-awareness, self-management, relationship-building, emotional intelligence, communication skills, coaching skills, empathy and inclusiveness.

Iva's extraordinary purpose... 

" to partner with her participants on their learning journey of achieving exceptional performance, delivering results, and building collaborative and engaging teams."

Working with Iva

“I never knew that training could be fun!"  

"...there was so much to take away from the day. I have a plan and the approach of the trainer means I believe that I can put it in to action. Thank you."

- Damian S  

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