Leadership Facilitator & Coach

Alison Hughes

Alison has been an independent Learning and Development Consultant since 2008, where she maintains a focus on individuals and teams taking learning and making it “work” in the workplace. 

Alison’s area of specialty is enhancing individual self awareness creating authenticity in approach through Leadership development and individual coaching around personal effectiveness.

Alison’s approach to personal development is grounded in a very strong operational background. Starting her career in catering management and moving into retail has provided many varied opportunities to experience and demonstrate a range of skills and styles of leadership.

She brings a calm and balanced style which gives her clients the space to find realistic solutions to enable them to move forward.

Alison's extraordinary purpose... 

" to help people bring their best selves to work by finding the untapped potential within themselves."

Working with Alison

"Alison’s depth of people and management knowledge and her experience that is enhanced by her amenable, likeable and very much “work-with” approach has been a key ingredient for much of our success over the years."  

Her style saw all teams warm to her, rely on her and respect what she brought and who she is. Her listening skills enabled myself to think, be and do something different by trusting and listening to myself. 


“I have been on several training courses with Alison, and she is always knowledgeable, engaging and makes the sessions really interesting and interactive” 


“Alison was amazing, what an enjoyable and thought provoking training session.” 


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