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Day 10 | 30-Day Blogging Challenge

How to Coach Through The Four Stages of Learning

In 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever heard the expression “meet them where they are?” When talking about learning agility or skill development we often talk about “meeting people where they are.” It simply means discovering their style, their needs and their emotions, and then connecting with them in a way that is effective for them.

As a coach, I’m often asked to intervene when a team member has failed to meet the expectations of their boss, or when someone feels they need to be a more effective but doesn’t see where they’re going wrong.

When we meet people where they are, we bring the kind of coaching that fits their role and experience. The ‘how to guide’ in today’s blog post (Day 10 is all bout the infographic) will empower you to do just that with your coachees by helping you to identify where they are in their learning journey and how you can best support them.

This effort begins with the first of the four stages of learning, based on the Johari Window, where a coach supports the coachee throughout the process of progressing from incompetence to competence in a skill or concept. Understanding these 4 stages of learning and how to identify where the coachee is, will amplify your results and expedite getting them where they need to be.

Once you know where they are – you can then break down your coaching plan into 3 simple steps:

Day 10 | 30-Day Blogging Challenge

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