Extraordinary Performance

Getting Things Done

Nobody is paid for their busyness, you are paid for productivity.

The Outcomes

  • Evaluate the four DiSC behavioural tendencies to better understand yourself and others

  • Recognise how your mindset affects your productivity

  • Explore your roles and most important priorities 

  • Explore the Pressure vs Performance curve and how it impacts wellbeing 

  • Challenge and overcome the causes of busy, non-productive days 

  • Learn how to handle interruptions and distractions 

  • Use feedback to improve productivity and performance 

  • Use a continuous improvement cycle to monitor your performance 

  • Develop a personal action plan 

How do you stop chasing your own tail and focus on getting the right things done?

By improving your focus and learning how to plan and prioritise your work.

Do you know what tasks and activities to focus on at any given time? Today, we have more demands on us than ever before and this has led to tighter deadlines, increased workload and competing priorities.

Busy-work keeps you occupied but is non-productive. Success depends on increasing productivity.

Busyness is a measure of how much work you do. Productivity is a measure of how much you achieve, individually or collectively. So you need to increase your effectiveness and not just your efficiency so that you add more value to your organisation.

Performance and productivity are not just about time management; rather they are a collective set of skills that will enable you to eliminate the non-essential, busy-work, that prevents you from achieving your highest priorities and goals.

This worksession will help you to identify your most important goals and focus your precious time on them.

We will explore a range of techniques to effectively protect and manage your time for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Through practical exercises and time management tools you will leave the session able to plan and prioritise effectively.

In addition, we will use feedback and a continuous improvement cycle to help you improve performance, starting with your Everything DiSC Workplace Profile.

Course Fee



Tuesday 7th June

9.30am - 4.30pm


Course Details

This course is a one-day worksession.

After booking you will receive a link to complete your Everything DiSC Personal Profile.

You will also receive joining instructions to the Learning Platform where you can download course materials and interact with your facilitator and other participants.

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Of all my experience of online learning, this is by far the best!

-Jess Lydon, Historic Environment Scotland

The course provided me with a foundation to become a more effective leader.

-Lauren Wright, The Station Hotel

I've been inspired to be the very best version of leader I can be.

-Emma Lonie, The Balmoral

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