DiSC Profiles: FREE lunchtime webinar


Have you ever wondered why some people just don’t get you? Or ever thought “I cannot even begin to know what my boss needs—even when I ask her, I still don’t know.”

Each person has unique personality traits; each person’s perspective is built into who they are.

The starting point of understanding people is to realize and accept one simple fact: everyone is not like you!

Join us and lets explore DiSC Profiles.

DiSC is not a test, it’s a personality assessment. It’s a validated model that helps you understand yourself and others; saving you time, energy and money.

Everyone is a blend of all four DiSC styles—usually, one, two, or even three styles stand out – there is no perfect DiSC style.

Since each person has a unique behavioural profile, people all over the world are walking around with different styles. These differences are more valuable once you better understand what they are and how to harness their value.

The result? You’ll have better workplace communication AND healthier organisations. Who doesn’t want that?

This is a FREE Webinar.

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