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How many of you woke up this morning and thought to yourself, today I’m going to be extraordinary?

The chances are not too many of you.  We think about ourselves as ordinary people leading ordinary lives and yet the reality is that we all have the opportunity to be extraordinary everyday, in whatever way we choose.

We encounter extraordinary men and women every day. They impact countless lives, they uplift and they inspire. But where did their inspiration come from? How did they become extraordinary?

Today, I dare YOU to be extraordinary.


Extraordinary people have passion for what they do every day.  Even companies can create a culture of passion in the way they treat the customers. Engaged employees may be the greatest competitive advantage an organisation can have.

Did you know that disengaged employees costs the UK £52-£70 Billion per year in lost productivity? Research by Gallup suggests that a staggering 83% of the UK workforce is either disengaged or ambivalent about their job and/or company.

The simple fact is, you can’t be extraordinary if you’re not engaged.  Engaged, extraordinary people find their why, their purpose and passion for what they do in their jobs and how they live their lives and they continually ask themselves these questions:

  1. Does it make me feel good about myself?
  2. Would I do it for free?
  3. Do I lose all track of time when I do it?
  4. Do I talk about it to anyone who will listen?
  5. Do I look for opportunities to share it with others?
  6. Does it make me want to get out of bed in the morning?


Combined with passion – a passionate curiosity helps us thrive.  It’s a survival mechanism, because our involvement in life depends on our interest in it – our willingness to cultivate the sense of wonder.

It not only helps keep us engaged with life over the long haul, but makes us more likely to have a long haul, since we’re more likely to want to stick around if we take a keen interest in life.

Extraordinary people grab hold of opportunities with both hands and keep moving forward.


We all face hurdles and hardships, but extraordinary people perform well under pressure and bounce back more quickly..  They play with the cards they’re dealt. Resilient people are more effective at managing their moods, they communicate more clearly, build stronger relationships and have higher levels of emotional well-being

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary people is they understand that resilience is not fixed, it can be built. And they learn how.

So today, I dare you.

I dare you to find your passion and purpose for what you do.

I dare you to find a childlike curiosity and cultivate a sense of wonder.

I dare you to find the resilience to get back up every single day.

I dare you to be the extraordinary person you want to be.

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