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We're on a mission...

to put leadership skills at the heart of how we develop every person.

We Are Extraordinary offer three types of coaching: individualsteams and executives for those that want to explore their potential.

Coaching sessions can be held face-to-face or online.









Choosing a coach is an important step in personal development.

The right coach can help you to better understand yourself, shift your mindset and change behaviours such that you become more satisfied and fulfilled in your role.

We cover issues such as your leadership style, personal branding, managing difficult relationships, conflict resolution, choosing a future path and general self-awareness. 


Sometimes we think that a ‘dream team’ magically happens by chance.

We know that's not the case and often even the best teams need a little help.

We work with teams to consciously create a high-performance culture, to strengthen the performance and productivity of the whole team. 


Our executive coaching is completely confidential and meticulously tailored to your needs as a leader.

We explore your values, motivators and sense of identity.

We offer one-off face-to-face or online coaching sessions to connect you with the right coach for you and we always begin with your own Motivational Map.

Our Coaches

Jane Rennie

DiSC | Five Behaviours | Motivational Maps | Belbin | SEI EQ | Executive Coaching 

More about Jane

Lisa Rogers

DiSC | Five Behaviours | Mental Health First Aid 

More about Lisa

Melanie Icke

DiSC | Crucial Conversations | Executive Coaching 

More about Melanie

Robert Allan

HR | Emotional Intelligence | Employee Engagement

More about Robert

Pernille Baumann

Master Coach | MBTI | HR

More about Pernille 

Alison Hughes

Insights Discovery | Personal Effectiveness 

More about Alison

Nina Prentice

DiSC | Customer Experience | Resilience

More about Nina

Sandra Ellington

TMSDI Team Profiling | HR Specialist

More about Sandra 

Margaret Rose Reid

Motivational Maps | DiSC | Train the Trainer

More about Margaret

Jane Shaw

Emotional Intelligence

More about Jane