Unconscious Bias

Widen your focus

We can’t take in and process ALL the information around us. Scientist estimated that we are exposed to up to 11 million pieces of information and any one time. But our brains can only functionally deal with around 40.

The Challenge

How do we counteract the negative impact of unconscious bias?

We all suffer from unconscious bias. Most of the time we operate on autopilot – relying on deep-in-the-brain biases, preferences and assumptions that operate largely automatically.

While these mental shortcuts help us make decision quickly and with little effort they can have unintended consequences, including irrational thinking and faulty decision making. When people are involved, bias can result in stereotyping, prejudice and a lack of diversity and a multitude of problems at work.

The Solution

Create workplaces where everyone is able to offer their best.

This interactive and engaging full day work session will help participants not only become aware of their own unconscious biases but give them practical techniques for acting more consciously and making objective decisions.

The Outcomes


  • Describe what unconscious bias is and how it operates in individuals & organisations 
  • Identify possible bias in yourself & others 
  • Be aware of the impact of unconscious bias on the workplace. 
  • Implement strategies to help you deal with bias 


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