Extraordinary Leadership

Building Trust & Developing Resilience

Trust and resilience are vital leadership competencies

The Outcomes

  • Use The Five Behaviours profile to better understand the importance of trust in the workplace
  • Evaluate the four DiSC behavioural tendencies to better understand yourself and others
  • Explore trust as a leadership skill
  • Practice The Four Elements of Trust
  • Consider how The Five Pillars of Resilience apply to you
  • Explore the impact of Pressure vs Performance
  • Recognise what underpins resilience
  • Create a personal action plan

How do you build trust and develop resilience with those around you?

By driving a culture of openness and resilience

Trust and resilience are not traits that people either have or don't have.  They involve behaviours, thoughts and actions that must be learned and developed.

The ability to bounce back - or forward - from the stresses ad strains of change and uncertainty is vital, and yet it remains a 'nice to have' in the minds of many.

So how do you discover ways to build trust and develop resilience with those you work with, thereby fostering greater productivity and higher employee engagement and retention in the process?

This interactive worksession is for anyone who wants to develop a culture of improved openness, inclusivity and emotional awareness in their workplace.

Starting with a Five Behaviours Profile we will explore your preferences and tendencies and how your behaviour may impact those around you.

This worksession is ideal for anyone seeking a set of tools to support themselves and others during periods of change and uncertainty.


Course Fee



Tuesday 7th June

9.30am - 4.30pm


Course Details

This course is a one-day worksession.

After booking you will receive a link to complete The Five Behaviours Profile.

You will also receive joining instructions to the Learning Platform where you can download course materials and interact with your facilitator and other participants.

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Listen to what other leaders are saying...
Of all my experience of online learning, this is by far the best!

-Jess Lydon, Historic Environment Scotland

The course provided me with a foundation to become a more effective leader.

-Lauren Wright, The Station Hotel

I've been inspired to be the very best version of leader I can be.

-Emma Lonie, The Balmoral

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