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8 Ways To Be A Better Learner

What is learning agility?

Today, there is no such thing as a job for a life so it’s up to each of us individually to continuously update our knowledge, skills and productivity to become an independent, lifelong learner.

It’s not easy; there is a plethora of learning opportunities out there from e-books to executive coaching, from podcasts to productivity workshops, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a headstart?  A few simple things we can all do everyday to become better learners?

Always see yourself as a learner. There are no experts, only people who know a little more about something than you do currently. Never assume you know it all; seek learning every day. – Fred Ende, Emerging Leaders, 2012

Well, if that’s of interest, read on…

Being better at learning is, ironically, a learnable skill.  It’s often referred to as learning agility and it’s the capacity for rapid, continuous learning from experience. Learning agility also involves being open to new experiences, people, and information.

Agile learners are really good at learning from their experiences, able to let go of anything that’s no longer useful to them, or their role.

They can also unlearn things when a new, innovative solution is required. People with this mindset tend to gravitate towards learning goals and are open to new experiences; they’re happy to experiment, ask for feedback and reflect on the outcomes.

Agile learners get great satisfaction from the process of learning itself, boosting their motivation by learning from things around them.

There are many ways to enhance your learning agility and to be a better learner.  Here are 8 quick ways to get you started:

How many things can you tick off right now? If it’s not more than a couple, then you might want to try the rest.

How many do you – honestly – not have time to try? If it’s more than a couple, then you might want to give us a call!

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Author: Jane Rennie

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